We’re rolling towards the end of summer, and while that’s less than awesome, the upside is it means we’re rolling closer to the next release of Mizuno JPX irons.

Speaking as a guy bound by embargo to pretend to know less than I do, I’m finding it hard to contain my excitement. Unfortunately, Mizuno likely won’t have much to say until late August, which means we won’t have much to say until late August.

For now, we’re limited to what we can ascertain from USGA photographs.

As you glance through the pics, it’s worth remembering that JPX is Mizuno’s Modern technology line. That means modern shaping, straight edges, and different materials. The 919 Forged is Grain Flow Forged from 1025 Boron, while the 919 Hot Metal is cast from Chromoly Steel. There’s also a replacement for the JPX Tour which will end its production run having been in the bag for consecutive U.S. Open victories.

Will Mizuno add a 4th iron to the JPX lineup? I’m not ruling it out.

JPX 919 Tour

JPX 919 Forged

JPX 919 Hot Metal

Mizuno Pro 719

The Mizuno Pro line is currently exclusive to Japan. While there may be some material differences (the 719 features a copper underlay for softer feel), the iron is otherwise identical to the JPX 919 Forged, which means we get a little more glamorous early look than the USGA gives us.

Have Your Say

With concessions for the fact that the USGA’s priority is documentation and not making the product look its best, what do you think of what you’ve seen so far? Are you looking forward to the new JPX 919 lineup?