“A revolutionary utility to free the pressure on your long game.”

20 Second Intro

Model: Fourteen HI-877 Utility
Available Lofts: 18°, 21°, 24°
Adjustability: None
Stock Shafts: Fourteen FT-16i Graphite (65g S, 60g R, 40g L)
Retail Price: $350
Availability: Immediate


We haven’t covered much from Fourteen Golf in recent memory (that can change if you want it to), but we couldn’t overlook yesterday’s announcement of the new HI-877 utility. I mean, it’s yellow…one absolutely can’t miss it.

If you’re looking for a comparable within the current market, based on the available information, we think the best bet is the PING Crossover. When we see a design like the HI-877 (or the Crossover), many of us instinctively think driving iron. In reality, the HI-877 is more of a cross between a hybrid and a long iron that tilts a bit more to the hybrid side than a traditional driving iron/utility club.


The idea is the trajectory control of any iron and with the versatility of a hybrid.

To that end, Fourteen is emphasizing the sole shape, which it says shares similarities with its wedges (we do like Fourteen wedges). As you would expect, it’s a design that reportedly allows the HI-877 to glide through the rough.

For the metallurgists among us (show of hands), the HI-877 leverages an AM355P steel cup face to boost ball speed. A low center of gravity provides easy-up playability.


Fourteen claims the HI-877 sets up easy (like an 8-iron), while the yellow paint (did you notice the paint?) accentuates the clubface, providing a unique look that inspires confidence. We can’t speak to the confidence part, but I’m reasonably certain it will inspire conversation.

The Fourteen HI-877 has a retail price of $350 and is available now through Fourteen Golf dealers and the Fourteen Golf website.