The new O-Works Red and O-Works Black Putters were driven by extensive feedback from our staffers. Some of our players prefer a clean, simple look at address, and a number of them have asked to test models with a red finish and our revolutionary Microhinge insert technology.

I like everything that Odyssey is saying about their new O-Works Red and O-Works Black putters. I like that “staffers” have previously tested them, and I like that they have the (feels good to me) Microhinge insert. With this as the foundation for a new line of putters, color me intrigued.

What was that about color options? Red and black, you say?

Now that is a curious pair of colors to choose from our expansive spectrum of color options. Why would Odyssey pick those two specific colors? Is there something special about red and black putters these days?

Red Black Odyssey OWorks - 16

We’ve had quite a few customers who have told us that they would love to have the option of an O-Works model with a simple, clean look at address. So we looked into that extensively with building prototypes in several different color options with the black and red. We’ve had an exceptional response on Tour and with golfers who have seen them, so we’re thrilled to get them out to the marketplace. And the short slant neck hosel on the #7 is something we’re really excited about as well.”

Sean Toulon, SVP, Callaway Golf & General Manager, Odyssey Golf

Specifications: Odyssey O-Works Red/Black Putters


  • Models: 9 (6 black/3 red)
  • Face: Microhinge insert
  • Finishes: 2 (Red or Black)
  • Grip: Winn Pistol or SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0
  • Retail Date: 08/04/2017
  • Pricing: $199 ($219 with SuperStroke)

Odyssey O-Works Black

Red Black Odyssey OWorks - 19

The O-Works Black introduces an impressive lineup of new head shapes, including the #3T, a short slant neck version of our popular #7 head, and a center-shafted #2 mallet shape. It’s just another example of our commitment to relentless innovation.

There are some pretty cool things happening here in the black half of this release. The story is about more than just new paint as you look deeper at the models offered. Actually, of the six heads, three are new, and the other three feature some intriguing modifications. I’m sure that the #3T and the #2M CS both hold interesting design stories, as does the #2 wide with the plumbers neck. I bet that those were fun to prototype.

In all likelihood though, it will be the 7s that gathers the most interest. The slant neck option changes the toe hang of the #7, pushing its fit towards a more arcing stroke, one that is traditionally served by blades.

Odyssey O-Works Red

Red Black Odyssey OWorks - 1

For head shapes: the O-Works Red includes some of our most shapes of all-time: our iconic 2-Ball, and the #7. The 2-Ball is the best-selling head shape ever, and both of these models have dominated Tour events and major championships for years. We’re also introducing an innovative alternative on the #7 model, featuring a short slant neck hosel. This hosel promotes more toe hang, which is a trend we’re seeing a lot lately with our pros.

I love the look of the red 2-Ball. I like it so much that I’ll probably have another one of my I need to putt with a 2-Ball episodes. I know that the two-ball alignment scheme fights my eyes a bit, but I like how they look, and other people putt well with them, so I keep going back to the balls again and again. This O-Works Red 2-Ball is super cool looking, perhaps not as cool as Daniel Berger’s new red one-ball 2-Ball, but it’s still pretty cool.

There is a traditional #7 in the red group, but the one that will grab the attention will likely be the other #7, the 7s. While the #7 may be one of Odyssey’s iconic putters, that slant neck addition puts the #7s into direct competition with one of their rival’s hottest tour mallets, which also has a slant neck, and is also red.

The Black and Red Elephants in the Room

Red Black Odyssey OWorks - 11

Forget my title. The elephant isn’t the right animal. Let’s talk about the big red Spider in the room. I am sure that you had the same thought that I did when I saw these new red and black Odyssey putters.

Red and Black? Seriously?

My initial thought was that Odyssey was trying to horn in on TaylorMade’s Black/Red Tour Spider market. Oh, what a tangled web…See, I knew we had similar thoughts. The colors aren’t exactly subtle, and the TM black and red Spiders are the hot putters this year. If you are in business to make money by selling golf clubs, why not make some of your putters in those hot colors too?

At first blush, it appears that Odyssey may be trying to coattail some sales, but if you read a little deeper into its press release, you can uncover another possible motive: Odyssey Tour Player Requests. I asked Sean Toulon the following question, “What do you say to the person who says that these are just being released to capitalize on the Spider?” This was his response:

We got approached by some of our staffers who asked if we would be open to building a red version of our O-Works models. And for us, we’re always looking to do what’s right by the golfer so we were happy to build some prototypes and test with our players. Our staffers have been really excited by these putters and we are ecstatic with how they turned out.

Sean Toulon, SVP, Callaway Golf & General Manager, Odyssey Golf

There you have it, from the main man himself. Odyssey staffers were the ones who requested red versions of the O-Works putters. I can see that scenario happening.

Let’s face it, that Tour Spider has been quite visible on TV this year. Not only because it’s red, but also because it is winning. Really good players are successfully rolling red putters.

I can imagine a scenario where an Odyssey staffer, locked into a putter deal, wants a new putter that is red, in part, because red putters are winning. After enough of these requests, Odyssey makes some prototype red (and black) putters for their pros, who really like them, and with the Tour pro endorsement, Odyssey decides to bring them to retail.

Red Black Odyssey OWorks - 14

Yes, this still means that the Odyssey Red/Black production came in response to the TaylorMade Spiders, but the “Tour player pressure” motivation seems less sinister than one of mimicking what is currently selling so you can sell stuff too.

Speaking of selling, it’s worth noting that these retail for about $100 less than the Tour Spiders. That could be huge. If someone shopping for a new putter gets similar play results with both putter brands and can save a hundred with the Odyssey, which putter are you going to buy?

My only point of contention with the designs – and this may be where the Odyssey engineers draw the line in the sand – is with the retention of the traditional alignment schemes on the #7s putters. I would have loved to see these as unadorned as their no-line Spider counterparts. No dots. No lines. I’ve been curious about the success of the Spider Tour and wondered if the lack of traditional alignment schemes has played a role. I’d have blacked out, and red-ed out these two 7s putters as well.

Your Take?

Red Black Odyssey OWorks - 1 (2)

So what do you think of these? Can you look at them objectively, or is there a Spider-taint on them? The black Spider Tour just edged out the Odyssey O-Works #7 in this year’s Most Wanted Mallet competition. Could that slant neck, or the new color scheme, push the #7s in front of the Spider? What’s black and white and red all over? How many questions can I put in one paragraph?

Anyway, chime in on Odyssey’s O-Works Red and O-Works Black putters. What do you think?