It’s our duty to you to tell you when we uncover industry secrets. Sometimes that means calling out companies for misleading advertising. This time it means we’re bringing attention to a company that is putting performance first.

We love telling you when we come across something that just gets it right. adidas golf shoes get it right.

adidas might not be a small name, in fact we concede that it’s a regular househould name. adidas destroys competition in almost all soccer equipment and has considerable sports apparel market share. But in the golf world, adidas is a perceived relative underdog. That is until, you evaluate their golf shoes based on performance. Then, adidas is a giant.

An Invisible Revolution

adidas golf shoes didn’t start at the top. Early renditions were notoriously narrow, and didn’t fit enough of the golfing population to surge in popularity.

We like to make the distinction between revolutionary and evolutionary. Revolutionary of course is a drastic departure from the norm while evolutionary advancement happens in consecutive small increments.

What is so impressive about adidas’ stellar rise to the top of our performance rankings was that while they maintained their classic three stripe look and overall aesthetic, their golf shoes were entirely revolutionized. And the revolution is almost impossible to detect or prove unless you already wear adidas golf shoes, or you test hundreds of golf shoes head to head like we do at MyGolfSpy.

What Makes adidas different?

Plain and simple, adidas Boost technology.

That’s not to say that their consistently great traction and stability, comfortable waterproof structure and  new dedication to using recycled material isn’t important.

adidas boost technology was implemented in their running line in 2013 and made its way into the adipower Boost, the first golf shoe to feature Boost, two years later. Boost is quite possibly one of the most comfortable materials we’ve encountered in our testing. And Adidas doesn’t sacrifice performance to make their shoes comfortable. Boost does both.

adidas golf shoes are made for performance, and Boost is the foundation.


The adidas Dynasty

As we developed our shoe testing protocols, as always our objective was to test performance. Sure, looks and style matter to consumers but it’s a low priority in terms of determining the best performers in our test.

Our head to head testing protocols showed us that adidas is light years ahead of everyone else. It’s not even close.

MyGolfSpy began testing golf shoes in 2017, conducting both a spiked and spikeless test every year. In 5 years of testing, adidas has landed in our top five 17 times between the two tests. Of those 17 top five finishes, six are first place.

And that’s just in the men’s category…

When you compare and test hundreds of shoes side by side the difference between good and bad is black and white and beyond apparent. adidas golf shoes aren’t good. They’re excellent.

And not for nothing, adidas did shake it up a little bit in the style category. They recognized that even as classic as the three stripes are, they can be upgraded. Enter the Codechaos, the winner of the 2020 Best Spikeless shoe.


What we like about adidas golf shoes is yes, they kick-ass in our testing but that’s because they’re not phoning it in. They’re a large powerhouse company that would sell shoes just because their logo is on it. adidas lets performance do the talking, invests in improvement and isn’t afraid to make a revolutionary change.

We’re not saying you have to buy adidas next time you’re in the market for new golf shoes. We’re saying try them on. Take them on a test drive. Let the performance do the talking.

We have you in mind when we conduct our tests. adidas has you and your game in mind when they design their shoes.

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