On the eve of the Driver vs. Driver 2 finale, both of the finalists have found their way on to the USGA’s conforming clubs list.

After the debacle that was the Triton being deemed non-conforming, Wilson hasn’t taken any chances this time around. The company says it has worked with the USGA every step of the way to ensure history wouldn’t repeat itself, including taking on the expense that comes from submitting both drivers to the USGA. Wilson plans to release the winning driver in time for the holiday shopping season (which, I suppose, officially begins next Thursday), so in that respect, it’s logical that Wilson would ensure all the bases are covered with a week to spare.

Two Winners?

While I’d put the odds somewhere between slim and none, it does crack open the door for a surprise scenario in which Wilson brings both models to retail. Don’t bet your Christmas money on it.

And the Winner Is…

We’ll find out tomorrow who the winner is – and it’s not like I have any inside information. My opinion is that the Cortex should be heavily favored. The design isn’t particularly ground-breaking, but it offers tried and true methods of moving mass around. It’s a bit of an M1 meets every other adjustable driver you’ve ever seen kind of design. It’s familiar and functional.

Comparatively, Rozwell looks a bit more innovative but the design doesn’t’ appear to offer any significant amount of mass movement, and there appears to be a significant amount of weight tied up in the structure of the track. The performance implications of that are not ideal. It looks cool, but based on what we can see, it might very well be a case of form over function.

Either way, Wilson is 100% ready to go this time around, and that’s a huge improvement.

The final episode of Driver vs. Driver 2 airs tomorrow (11/13/18) at 9PM Eastern Time on The Golf Channel.