dotted_lines.jpg – Renders Sharpie™ Useless in Golf

golfballs6.jpgToday I found a product that will soon make waves in the golf ball industry. And in the golfballs6.jpgcourse render the Sharpieabsolutely useless. We called the company today and the owner of and this new system called ID-Align said, “We are extremely excited to be the first in the world to offer this innovative product.” And it is innovative, for years we had to tote around pens in our bag to customize our golf balls. Now you can put the pen away and get your golf balls customized online. This system allows you to choose from 6 different designs and the ability to put 3 initials on your golf

Exclusively found at, the ID Align™ golf ball capitalizes in the latest golf industry trend of an alignment aid stenciled to golf balls. is furthering this by simultaneously adding a player identification monogram to each ball, whereby creating their exclusive ID-Align™ golf ball.”

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