MyGolfSpy has grabbed ahold of a court document where noted sizable golfer/drinker John Daly is suing the Hippo Golf Company for using his name as a trademark for a golf club they were selling without his permission.

John Daly Hippo Golf

Legalese documents (direct PDF link) are no fun to parse, so here’s the summation: Daly had an endorsement deal with Hippo Golf that they could use his name and picture in advertisements to sell golf clubs, and that was basically the extent of the agreement. There was no deal in place for them to use his trademarked signature as a golf club, which Hippo Golf sold in 2002.

Since 2002, Daly has won but a single PGA event (The 2004 Buick Open) and has five PGA wins in his entire career. He’s currently ranked 585th in the world, yet as the lawsuit accurately states, “Daly has been and remains one of the most popular players on the PGA Tour.”

It sounds like he actually has a case here. Problem is, if these court proceedings resemble most of Daly’s golf tournaments, Daly might have an impressive showing at the arraignment but then once they start selecting the jury, he’ll withdraw.
by SportsbyBrooks