Will Callaway’s Liquid Filled Golf Balls Change the Game?

Callaway seems hard at work to develop the next biggest hit in the golf ball industry. I have heard from a few different sources that they are working on a golf ball that is actually filled with fluid. And rumor has it that it might just be the next Pro V1. If this thing actually works it could be the biggest release since the ball first got dimples!

How it Has Evolved

Over time the golf ball has gone through many upgrades and enhancements. There are four major stages in the evolution of the golf ball so far:

  • Wooden golf balls
  • Feather stuffed leather covered golf balls
  • Gutta Percha (Gutty) balls
  • Rubber Core balls

From the original wooden ball to the modern Rubber-Cored, the ball has changed the way we play the game of golf. And we don’t have to think back very far to remember a time when a ball changed the game in our lifetime either. I am sure you all remember when the Titleist Pro V1 first came out. There was some major hoopla going on when that thing hit the streets. People claimed that the Pro V1 gave them 30 more yards off the tee! Whether true or not, this would change the way people looked at a golf ball forever. For the first time since it first got its dimples did golfers start looking at the ball as as a source for extra yardage off the tee. Most golfers think that drivers are making the most difference in regards to avg. driving distance in recent years but in actuality it is the golf ball. Their is more technology in a golf ball then any driver you will see on the market today. Literally there are ROCKET SCIENTISTS working on the golf balls we are playing. Most of them have never even hit a golf ball before. And also there are so many limiatations that the USGA has put on drivers that manufacturers had to look at the ball for the extra yardage that they have to promise the market every year.

Just a thought…you ever think about all these promises manufacturers make about hitting longer tee shots year in and year out? We should be hitting 750 yard drives by now. Anyways…..

More Distance and More Spin

I have seen a few different models of how this (NEW Callaway Liquid Golf Ball) might look when it comes out, and it is pretty interesting. Don’t know which one they will decide to go with. In my opinion they might use a couple different designs for different golfers. Ones that want more spin and ones that want less spin.

How It Will Work

Basically their will be chambers inside the ball. Similar to what a maze looks like if you were standing above it looking down. They state that these internal chambers will have fluid in them and will be effected when struck by the golf club. And depending on the chamber design, will result in different spin options for the golfer. The drawings I have seen are well thought out.

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