This week MyGolfSpy is all hands on deck to conduct the second edition of the MyGolfSpy Ball test. Our first ball test had a massive impact on the industry. More than 2-years have passed, so it’s time to take what we learned the first time around, along with a slew of new ball models, and do it again.

What We’re Testing

Our primary objective is to test the urethane offerings from the major manufacturers as well as balls from the most popular direct to consumer brands. We’ve got over 30 models on the list. We’ll also be looking at both range balls and recycled premium offerings.

How We’re Testing

We’re letting the robot do the work, well most of it. Unlike our club testing where we gather our data with human testers, a golf ball test requires the consistency of a robot. This years’ plan is to test at three different driver and iron speeds. We’ll also be conducting a test of greenside performance.

To capture the full flight of the golf ball, including the influence of the dimple pattern (and potentially paint and other surface defects) data will be collected using a Trackman launch monitor.

Where We’re Testing

Our home for the week is Scottsdale National Golf Club in Scottsdale Arizona.

Your Golf Ball Test Crew

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A Q&A from day 1 of testing

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