Have you ever heard the “golf myth”…that if you squirt some Vasoline™ or spray some good ‘ol fashioned PAM™ cooking oil on your driver face that it will virtually eliminate your slice or hook?  We’ve heard it for years…and so have all the big-stake money players across the world.  Yeah…next time you are playing for some major coinage…make sure to check the other guys driver faces for the special sauce….you might be in for a surprise.  You might also be surprised to know that allegedly it still goes on during events on the PGA Tour.

Problem is….as far as I know no one has ever put this myth to an “official” test to see if it actually works.  And if so what other aspects if any does it effect.

Well…inside the “MyGolfSpy Labs” we are here to uncover the truth behind popular golf myths like this by combining pure curiosity with scientific method.


How far would you go to become 37% more accurate off the tee?  Would you spend $500 on a driver that gave you those type of results.  How much would you spend on lessons if it guaranteed you would hit 5-6 more fairways a round?  Most golfers would and have spent thousands of dollars since taking up the sport on products that they hoped would give them these type of results…unfortunately they rarely if ever do. Well…if you don’t mind the product being non-conforming we found something that can not only do it but can do it a LOT cheaper than you might think.

There are two types of golfers…those that are stickler for the rules and those that play just to have fun…and oh yeah those that play for money.  And today’s edition of “MyGolfSpy Labs” is likely going to fit the guy that is playing to have more fun on the course and is not as concerned with Rule 4-2b.


A few weeks ago I ran across a product on the web called NoSlice.  I had heard similar slogans and claims before…ones like, “Try our product and eliminate your slice & hook!” or “Our product is revolutionary!”.  So why I decided to post anything about it in the MGS forum is just as much of a mystery to me today as it was a few weeks ago.  But for some reason I did.  And I’m glad I did…because the MGS readers gave me a great idea.

Why not put this product to a test against the products that were always being talked about by so many golfers in the popular myth.  But before I could pick up the phone to contact the company…they had already contacted us.  They had seen our post in the forum and wanted to know if we would like to review their product.  I told them we would be interested but only if we could test it head-to-head against other similar products.  And to my surprise they were confident enough to have us put it to the ultimate test.  Not many companies in this industry are up for those type of challenges…so Kudos to the crew over at NoSlice.


When it came to choosing which substances we would select for our {MYGOLFSPY LABS! – Performance Enhancing Lube “MYTH”} testing we went with the ones that tended to be most popular regarding the myth.  The ones most often spoke about when referring to using substances on the face of their drivers to correct a hook or a slice were:

  • PAM™ Cooking Spray
  • Butter (typical stick of butter)
  • NoSlice (new material that claims to give improved accuracy and distance)

* You might be thinking…as did we…that this product looks a lot like your standard petroleum jelly.  We wanted to make sure that the company was not simply using a product you could get for a buck at your local dollar store and re-labeling it.  So we got the secret ingredients from the company and while we can’t give them out we can say that there is more then just petroleum jelly used in the secret sauce for the NoSlice product.


Our testing was done with 3 golfers.  Each tester would select a driver that they used for each test.  They were then asked to hit 40 shots with the driver they chose before starting the test.

  • 10 shots with a clean (control) driver
  • 10 shots with butter on the face
  • 10 shots with PAM on the face
  • 10 shots with NoSlice on the face.

After each non-control swing, the driver face was wiped clean and the substance was re-applied.  All shots were measured on a launch monitor and the worst two shots from each group were dropped.  The order of the substances was changed for each golfer.

Our testing group included: one slicer, one hooker, and one accurate driver.


While I know most people are interested in where the ball lands, I think it should be emphasized that the measure of these products’ effectiveness is really in the spin numbers.

  • Golfer 2 swung very consistently throughout, probably the best measure of the products’ effectiveness.
  • Golfer 1 swung his best with butter, Golfer 3 swung his best with No Slice.
  • NoSlice forgave two really big mistakes for Golfer 1.  On two of his swings, he immediately said, “Delete that” and the results were actually good enough to be counted.
  • As far as applying the substance, NoSlice is a clear winner: it’s not messy and the applicator keeps the stuff off your fingers.  Also, the case is easy to throw in your bag without worrying about spilling or leaking.  No Slice also has designed a magnetic headcover that will avoid wiping the NoSlice off the driver face.

* Random side note when using NoSlice or Butter: it acts like impact tape if you reapply after every swing.

  • In some cases spin was reduced too much and actually hurt overall distance.  But for the market that this product is for they are generally more concerned with not losing a dozen balls a round than losing a few yards in distance.
  • Although for the golfer that has a consistent hook or slice or a golfer that fights either one all three products worked well.


Surprisingly…all of the products showed an ability to both reduce back spin and side spin and also improve accuracy, but NoSlice was the most effective….and most user-friendly.  As you can see NoSlice won every category. NoSlice reduced backspin by 56%, sidespin by a whopping 78% and also improved accuracy by 37%! But butter (yes, butter) wasn’t so bad itself…its numbers were actually very similar…but when it comes down to on course use…butter might be a little messy…especially on those hot summer days.

Obviously not a product for the competitive player, but for players looking to have more fun on the course or stop losing balls by the dozen, this truly is a winner.  And the majority of golfers are actually the ones looking to have fun and not play in competition…last time I checked the average golf score for a man on a 18-hole course was 97.  So there are PLENTY of golfers who might want to think about adding one of these foreign substances to their bag now that we have put them to the test and confirmed that they DO indeed work.