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Two years after the successful launch of the ZG21 spiked golf shoe, adidas is introducing the all-new ZG23. The three-stripes brand is confident  the two-year hiatus will be worth it, claiming the all-new ZG23 should boast increased traction, stability and comfort.

The Details

  • Five models including men’s and women’s laced, men’s and women’s BOA, and a watered-down laced variant for junior golfers.
  • Available on starting March 3.
  • Retail is $200 for the laced variant, $220 for BOA.

What’s New?

The ZG21 was a stand-out performer in our Best Spiked Golf Shoes of 2022 testing so it would be safe to assume adidas stuck with that proven formula for the ZG23, right?


Why do you think it took two years to replace its predecessor? The ZG23 has been completely retooled, including an entirely new upper and midsole design.

Lightstrike Pro

The first thing you’ll notice about the ZG23 is the lack of Boost cushion which was used as the secondary cushion for ZG21. Instead, adidas opted for its new Lightstrike Pro to fill the void.

Sound familiar? adidas’s Lightstrike foam made up the exterior midsole on the ZG21, as it does on the ZG23. The new Lightstrike Pro foam is said to be softer and more cushioned while Lightstrike is firmer, more responsive and more stable.

So, what does this mean in layman’s terms? By wrapping the comfy full-length Lightstrike Pro in a Lightstrike perimeter, adidas has created a shoe that provides instant step-in comfort while remaining stable in spots where you need it.

Simply put, the ZG23 is soft in the middle and stable on the outside.

Ultra-Light Stability Fin

Introduced on the ZG21, the Ultra-Light Stability Fin has also been redesigned to provide more complete stability to golfers of any swing speed. This 3D fin wraps onto the upper to provide stability on both the medial and lateral sides of your foot. The goal is to keep you stable as your weight shifts through the swing.


While the ZG23 features the same six-cleat spiked traction from the ZG21, the secondary traction lugs have been redesigned to provide more coverage and slip resistance. A complex algorithm was used to determine proper placement, spacing and height of the secondary lugs.

What Else Should I Know?

  • Similar to the ZG21, adidas’ Sprintskin makes up the ZG23’s upper. This waterproof material consists of four layers of textiles and polyurethane films that make it lightweight and durable.
  • The two BOA models feature BOA’s Li2 dials and a tri-wrap design for the most secure fit.

adidas ZG23 – A Solid Sequel

While we won’t know all of the details until our 2023 Most Wanted Testing, it’s safe to say adidas went all in on revamping the ZG21. The resulting ZG23 promises a lighter product with zero sacrifices to performance, a bold claim but one that seems promising based on the retooled design.

The ZG23 is available starting March 3 on Look for it coming soon to our testing as we seek out the Best Spiked Golf Shoes of 2023.

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