Our New Test Ball

In a decade of testing, we have never seen results like this.

The results we saw were so compelling we dedicated over 2+ years of research and testing with a goal: find the best golf ball in the world.

The ball is the most critical component of testing and common to every single shot we hit. After completing quality control and performance analysis the results are clear. Our testing has identified the best golf balls in the world. Therefore, we are switching to the Titleist Pro V1 as the official golf ball of MyGolfSpy testing.

How Does This Help You?

Our goal is to have the most consistent and reliable testing in the world. To do that, we have to eliminate variables. The golf ball should not be a variable. It is the one thing that is a part of every shot we hit. So, when we have an opportunity to improve, we improve. We owe it to you.

When our data gets better, our recommendations get stronger. When our testing becomes more reliable, you can have more confidence in your purchasing decisions.

15 million golfers visit MyGolfSpy every year. And we owe it to every single one of you to do the best job we can. Our core mission is to help simplify your golf equipment purchasing decisions. We are dedicated to making recommendations you can trust.

The first test with the Titleist Pro V1 will be the 2021 Most Wanted Players iron test publishing mid-June.