You can bet that as we expand our selection of Buyer's Guides, we're going to be putting plenty of golf shoes to the test.  We also know that some of you take an almost unnatural interest in golf shoes. When a new shoe hits the market it, you want to see want to see it bad. And so every now and again, between larger reviews, we're going to give you a little taste of something to indulge your fetish.

If that means I'm enabling you, then so be it.

If you need to blame somebody to help make things right with your wife, I'm happy to be your patsy.

Our PUMA Monolite samples arrived just in time for Christmas, so we thought we'd show them off with a little holiday flare, which gives us the perfect excuse to find out what you guys think of the latest casual, spikeless design from PUMA Golf.

PUMA Monolite Golf Shoe-9

But first...

Is the MonoLite Right For You?

"Designed for all the casual cool guys, rockin shorts on the course...the golfer that has an attraction (possibly an obsession) for athletic shoes. The Monolite features premium full-grain leather upper for a sophisticated look, an external heel counter for increased support and stability, and a super lightweight sole for all-day comfort on and off the course. There are flex grooves in the forefoot for increased flexibility and enhanced ground contact. The Monolite truly has it all- you are never going to want to take these off and luckily you don’t have to." - PUMA Golf (Ripped form the Monolite webpage)

Are you a casual, cool guy, who rocks shorts? All I know for sure is Tiger wears pants.

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LiteStyle™ is Coming

PUMA Golf is no stranger to footwear designed to blur the lines between on and off the course. Earlier this year they released the sneaker-styled FAAS Lite and FAAS Lite Mesh. Both of these ultra-lightweight models were, according to PUMA Golf anyway, suitable for use both on and off the course. While I'll be the first to suggest that perhaps the on-course traction could have been a little bit better, there's no arguing that the damn things were supremely comfortable.

There's actually some comfort to be had in knowing that even when you're playing like crap, at least you've got nice shoes.

Contrast the FAAS series with the Clyde's that launched just about this time last year and it's pretty easy to see the new direction PUMA Golf is taking with their footwear. Don't get me wrong, Clyde was least the idea was cool. Unfortunately Clyde was also painfully (literally) narrow, and a bit on the clunky side. Clyde was not a shoe I would wear on the course, or at all for that matter.

Monolite retains most of Clyde's cool, mixes in equal parts trend and style, and unlike Clyde, can actually be worn comfortably on my semi-chubby feet.

Monolite also illustrates PUMA Golf's relatively new-found commitment to creating almost nothing but lightweight shoes. They're calling the new line LiteStyle, and Monolite is merely the first of what I suspect will prove to be a very robust footwear lineup from PUMA Golf. And oh, not for nuthin' just wait until you see the more traditional spiked models.

PUMA Monolite Golf Shoe-6

Monolite Features

One of the primary goals (arguably the primary goal) of Monolite was to create an ultra-lightweight, spikeless golf shoe (duh...there's a reason it's named Monolite). To do that they used materials like EverFoam (a slow recovery memory foam that shapes itself to your foot), and an EVA midesole and heel counter. The most surprising thing about the Monolite is that the upper is made of actual full-grain leather. In a time when synthetics (pleathers and whatnot) are basically taking over, cow hide might as well be dinosaur hide. It's almost extinct.


Despite the use of actual leather, PUMA Golf managed to keep the Monolite's weight at a svelte 9.5oz (PUMA says that's 30% lighter than comparable styles).

Did I mention that it's actually comfortable, and they'll be making the trip to the 2014 PGA Show with me next month?

PUMA Monolite Golf Shoe-8

Does Monolite Move You?

Much to my surprise, whether they're sneakerheads who play golf, or just golfers who love shoes, I'v discovered that there are plenty of you (alarming numbers, really) out there who'll be reading this with great...umm...let's call it interest (this is a family site). I'm still a casual shoe guy...that is to say my interest in shoes is casual at best (but I suppose I do also wear casual shoes), so I want to know what you hardcore guys think about this new offering from PUMA Golf.

Does Monolite move you (do you want it...bad)? Is it just another shoe that you spurs you to nothing other than flacid indifference, or does it almost literally rub you the wrong way (it's a giant turnoff). Tell us, tell PUMA Golf.

What is your initial reaction to the PUMA Golf Monolite Shoe

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Colorways, Pricing, and Availability

Available in two perforated leather options (Monaco Blue/Lime Green/White and White/Tradewinds/Pomegranate) and three smooth leather options (Tradewinds/White/Monaco Blue, Chestnut/Black Coffee/Vibrant Orange and Black/Castlerock/Deep Lavendar), each shoe comes with two laces to customize your look as often as you want.




The Monolite Wns (the women's version) is available in four trendsetting color combinations with an upper inspired by an oxford silhouette. Featuring a yoga mat sockliner (that is literally made out of yoga mat material) the Monolite Wns provides all day comfort and cushioning to keep your feet feeling relaxed and looking great.
The Monolite ($100) and Monolite Wns ($70) are available now.

PUMA Golf Monolite Spikeless Shoe