The putter in this article was refinished and completely tricked-out by Tom Slighter at Slighter Golf if you are looking to have your putter refinished or just want to give it an awesome overhaul go get a free quote now from Slighter Golf with his “Refinished Putters Price Quote Service” he does some great work at affordable prices.

Pull Out Those Old Putters!

A couple weeks ago we highlighted Slighter Golf and his step-by-step process of “How A Putter Is Made!”. And we got tons of emails from readers requesting more behind the scenes stuff like that…so we listened.

Today we are covering a popular topic with putter lovers right now…and that is…how to get your putter customized or refinished like brand new again or even give it a whole new look altogether.

So many golfers have a big collection of putters…although some of them we are not that proud to show off. That’s because all those years of use, unfortunately, can take their toll on a putter. Rain, sand, pesticides, club dings and thousands of perfectly struck putts (or not-so-well-struck putts) can reek havic on the finish and appearance of a putter.

Give Old Trusty Another Chance

But you know that they (the putters) are all just sitting there (wherever you decided to store them) saying to themselves, “if I only had a new paint job and had a couple less dings…he would put me back in the bag…I just know it!” We all know putters talk…or why else would we be talking to them all these years?

So if you have a couple beat up oldies but goodies laying around the house this might just inspire you to give the old friend another chance at being your main squeeze.

Step-By-Step Re-Finish Process (Scotty Cameron Del Mar)

putter refinishing

refinish a putter

cameron putter refinishing

Stay Tuned….For Part 2 Tomorrow!

Make sure to check back tomorrow when we show the last 10 steps and also the photos of the finished product. You will get to learn how Tom re-welds in a new location. You will also get to see the amazing new finish and how Tom dropped in some totally custom new weights into the face.

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Day 2 – Putter Refinishing (Slighter Golf)

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