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Are you Brandwashed?

Just for a moment in a very authentic way think about this and be honest with yourself. Do you find yourself liking particular brands more than others for reasons not based on how that product or brand actually performs?

If you answered no, you're lying. It's ok, it's normal. Walker-Smith says the average American views 5,000 ads in one day. Yet remarkably, most believe they are not influenced by advertising. If that were true, why do you think companies spent almost $600 billion on advertising last year?



Face it; advertisers do far more than influence our favorite putter designs; they manipulate us into believing they're our best friends. And ending this onslaught of influence has become nearly impossible to stop. Just try turning off your iPhone, computer, and the ten televisions playing Trump news while you're running on the treadmill at the local gym.

So, what is in a name? Well, that's what we decided to find out today. We wanted to see what would happen if we tested a {REAL} Scotty Cameron (vs.) Scotty Cameron {FAKE} with real golfers. We wanted to see not only how it might affect their subjective feedback but also objective data-based feedback as well. Would they rate the fake as highly in categories like look and feel? How would the fake putter perform against the real one?

Let's find out.



*We do not condone counterfeit golf products.  DON'T BUY THEM {SERIOUSLY}.

  • Testers were told we were testing the build consistency of Scotty Cameron putters
  • Testing of putters was randomized for each tester
  • Testers were not given the opportunity to examine the putters prior to the start of testing
  • Testers were asked to putt 18 total balls with each putter, 6 balls at each of 3 distances (5,10,20)
  • Testers were asked to fully hole out every putt that finished outside of 1 foot from the hole
  • Testers finished all 18 balls before switching to the other putter
  • Subjective feedback was recorded after each of the putters was hit
  • Looks, Feel and Alignment ratings (1-10) were given for both putters
  • Testers were given the opportunity to provide subjective feedback comments


This test was performed inside the MyGolfSpy Test Facility located in Yorktown, VA.  Testing started Feb 15 and concluded on April 15. All testing was done using Bridgestone golf balls. All equipment was measured with equipment from GolfMechanix.

Subjective Ratings

We asked our testers to rate the looks, feel, and alignment of the two putters tested on a ten point scale. While scores were identical for Looks,  our testers rated the Feel and Alignment of the real Scotty Cameron, ever so slightly higher for both Feel and Alignment.

Performance Ratings

At distances of 5 and 10 feet, both putters performed identically; requiring exactly the same number of putts to complete the test. Interestingly, at 20', the counterfeit putter outperformed the real Scotty Cameron; requiring 6 fewer putts to complete the test. There are two noteworthy differences that could account for the difference.

  • The fake Scotty Cameron is significantly lighter, and that may be of benefit on longer putts.
  • The alignment aid on the fake was more pronounced with more visible (both in terms of volume and sheen) paint. This may also have contributed to the performance difference on longer putts.


{FAKE} Scotty Cameron

{FAKE} Scotty Cameron

5 Feet
10 Feet
20 Feet
SG 18
{REAL} Scotty Cameron

{REAL} Scotty Cameron

5 Feet
10 Feet
20 Feet
SG 18

{REAL} Scotty Cameron vs. {FAKE} Scotty Cameron

Looks7.8 / 107.8 / 10
Feel8.0 / 107.9 / 10
Alignment7.9 / 107.8 / 10
Total Weight461.4 g423.6 g
No. of Putts at 5 ft.6868
No. of Putts at 10 ft.9191
No. of Putts at 20 ft.10195
Total Putts272265
SG 18-0.3500.350



In today's time, the stories you hear are no longer being told by teachers, parents, and mentors they are being told by people that have something to sell. The stories that most influence us these days are the stories told by advertisers. Do we expect this test to change that?  Absolutely not. But, we do hope it might knock down that first mental domino the next time you make a purchase.

So, what's really in a name? That's for you to decide. We just test clubs.