Last night, early this morning…why split hairs? Let’s just say that very recently TaylorMade posted a video teasing a new driver (presumably the M2).

And while my eyes weren’t exactly drawn to it, there’s a new iron coming as well.

According to the video, on 2.19.16, the M Family is Complete. Well thank god for that. We can all sleep easy tonight.

Expect actual product details to emerge well ahead of 2/19.

Watch it for Yourself

Apparently TM Engineers do their work inside a windowless vault. The airflow must be terrible, but, as per usual, I digress.

The key line in the promo is:

“…we were in this room, creating more M technology, for more golfers, for the entire bag.”

What We’ve Heard, What We Know

Almost since the M1 was released we’ve been hearing rumors of an alternative offering to compliment the M1 and M1 430. Keep in mind that for TaylorMade, Callaway, and to a lesser extent Cobra, alternative often speaks to price as much as it does technology.

These guys still rely on volume, and that means you need to make some noise around $350. That’s the reality of the business.

A casual aside…the mainstream $300 driver is dead. I had previously informed you thusly. I’d like to be properly credited.


All signs (including the above enhanced crop from the video), point to a multi-material, fixed weight, rear CG club, with a Speed Pocket. The hosel is adjustable, but there are no sliding weights.

Un-Metal and mostly un-adjustable. Oh the horror…

Removing weights saves money, not to mention actual weight, which is imperative when the goal is to push the CG back. The rear placement suggests TaylorMade may finally be getting serious about reintroducing the word forgiving into its vernacular.

It’s about damn time.

And About That Iron…

The iron could either replace the RSi 1, Aeroburner, or potentially both. The photo suggests an iron with generous offset, wide sole, it could have Speed Slots…it clearly has a Speed Pocket, and yeah…something is definitely going on with that hosel.

I can’t wait to hear that story.

Settle Down

Before you get all irate about TaylorMade flooding the market, let’s assume that the M2 is the direct replacement for AeroBurner. With M1 and M1 460, that would leave TaylorMade with 3 current models. The nerve of these guys, right?

By my count, Callaway has at least 5 (it’s hard to keep up), Cobra has 5, PING and Nike have 3, while Titleist has 2 (plus whatever you can order through the truly custom MOTO program).

My point is there’s nothing reckless or egregious about this release, neither in volume nor timing…ESPECIALLY if it proves to be what all signs indicate it will be; a lower priced alternative to the M1 that offers a completely different performance specification.

This M2…M whatever, is very clearly not intended for guys who just bought the M1.

While I’m not convinced TaylorMade will challenge the MOI number for number, conceptually TaylorMade, as Callaway has done with XR16, is trying to create something that can run with PING’s G series. That’s just good business.

It’s no easy task, but one PING’s success proves is worth pursuing.

Stay tuned for more, but while you wait, let us know what you think.