The graphite composite/multi-material putter shaft is far from ubiquitous. However, things are changing.

Callaway nearly made it mainstream with Stroke Lab. Bryson has 14 graphite shafts in the bag, including an LA Golf Partners putter shaft.

The most recent addition to the growing cadre of steel alternative putter shafts is the second generation of MC Putter shaft from Fujikura.

While it may not come with a side of fries or a plastic toy, the MC Putter is yet another option that suggests that maybe, just maybe, the future of shafts is graphite.

But, because it’s tough to evaluate a putter shaft without, well, the putter, we have a little bonus. Each selected tester will receive a Fujikura MC putter shaft and Evnroll V-Series putter head.


We’re looking for four MyGolfSpy readers to test, review and keep an Evnroll putter with Fujikura MC putter shaft.

Head to the Fujikura MC Putter Shaft Testing Thread in the forum to apply.

This testing opportunity is open to right-handed golfers anywhere Fujikura/Evnroll products are available.

Preference will be given to testers who are available to attend an in-person fitting in Carlsbad, CA.

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