Want to test the new PuttOUT Devil Ball training aid?

Welcome to Testers Wanted where we recruit readers like you for objective feedback on products that roll into HQ throughout the year!

PuttOUT Devil Ball Details

The PuttOUT Devil Ball is unlike any other golf ball. On second thought, scratch that. It isn’t a golf ball (or at least not by traditional definition). The Devil Ball has a unique design where one side of the ball has a straight edge. PuttOUT even puts a disclaimer on the packaging: “Devil Ball has been created as a putting training aid and should not be used with any other golf club!” You’ve been warned.

The purpose of the Devil Ball is simple: to provide feedback on your putter’s face angle at impact.

Because data-driven objective testing is what we do, we need some of you to assess and report back to us at MyGolfSpy.

Test the PuttOUT Devil Ball

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We’re looking for four testers to try the PuttOUT Devil ball and give us your honest feedback.

Head to the PuttOUT Devil Ball testing thread in the MyGolfSpy forum to apply.




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