This ball release is admittedly a little bit outside of our wheelhouse as we typically obsess over premium (or at least semi-premium) high-performance golf balls. At some point, however, we need to pause long enough to acknowledge those of you who have you ask us to cover lower-priced offerings.

Consider this your heads-up on TruFeel, the replacement for the Titleist DT TruSoft.

The new TruFeel is Titleist’s latest offering for the preference-driven golfer on a budget. As the name not-so-subtly hints, the particular preference in play here is soft feel. In that respect, TruFeel doesn’t deviate much from the formula of its predecessors (TruSoft and the much-beloved DT Solo). It’s a reasonably priced, 2-piece ball that offers, wait for it, soft feel.


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As the construction and price point suggest, TruFeel isn’t for the guy playing Pro V1 or even AVX. It’s not likely to steal much of the market away from TourSoft either. What it brings to the table is a bit more balanced performance spec compared to Velocity. The latter is designed to do one thing and one thing only (fly as long as possible off everything in your bag), while the new TruSoft combines longer distance (compared to other soft offerings), short game control (again – compared to similar offerings), and of course, soft feel.

The guys in the made-up stats department tell me there are no less than 600 balls in this particular segment of the market. The combination of low price and soft feel make it popular with consumers, and Titleist believes it’s coming to the table with distance and spin advantages over the competitive set. The company concedes that TruSoft isn’t a ball for most serious golfers, but it does give the target golfer plenty of what he wants without giving away too much of what he needs.

Key features include:

TruTouch Core –Faster than the core in comparable low compression offerings, TruTouch produces low spin for more distance.

TruFlex Cover – A proprietary ionomer blend. The selling point here should be obvious-enough; it’s soft.

TrueFit Aerodynamics – A new dimple pattern specifically designed to enhance distance in the long game.

In addition to White, TruFeel will be available in Optic Yellow. A Matte Red (Titleist’s first matte offering) is coming in January 2020. TruFeel offers a new sidetamp mirrored off Titleist’s most popular custom option. It’s intended to serve as an alignment line. It’s one of those your mileage my vary kind of things.

All Titleist TruFeel golf balls are produced at Ball Plant 2 in North Dartmouth Massachusetts. The suggestion here is that, as the manufacturer, Titleist has end-to-end control of the process, which should result in a more consistent product.

Retail price is 22.99 – available now.