Callaway Wins Permanent Injunction Against Titleist And The Pro V1

A couple weeks ago we wrote a post referring to what the Titleist Pro V2 might look like in 2009 or 2010. What happened to the Pro V1 you ask?  Well Callaway sued Titleist, saying that the Pro V1 infringed on some of their golf ball patents….and they won!  The case actually began back in 2006 but their have been all kinds of hoop jumping going on to delay this one as long as possible.  And if we ran Titlesit we would be doing the same thing.  What it looks like is that they knew what the result would be but were buying themselves some time to develop the next big golf ball rockstar.

Will The Real Pro V1 Please Stand Up

The Titleist Pro V1 as you know it will go extinct at the end of the 2008 season.  So…will you be able to still get them?  Well here is the interesting point that many of you will never hear I am sure from Titleist.  That is, that even if you have bought Pro V1 balls recently you most likely don;t have the original ball in your bag.  This is because back in September of 2008 they changed the way they were made in order to get around the infringement of the Callaway golf ball patents…interesting huh?  We thought so too.

“We are very pleased with today’s decision which will stop the sale of these infringing Pro V1 golf balls,” Steve McCracken, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Callaway said in a statement.

Another Appeal…Yawnnnnn

Of course, Titleist plans to appeal the decision…don’t ask us why though.  If you have already bought yourself time and changed the patent why disgrace yourself anymore…it just gives us another opportunity to write about how you stole Callaway’s golf ball patents.  Chalk it up as lesson learned…live to fight another day.  And from what we hear they plan on launching the next Pro V ball in the first quarter of 2009 anyway.

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