Could This Be It?

There has been all kinds of hoopla recently between Callaway and Titleist over the future of the golf ball. All the legal woes between the two will most likely result in the end of the Titleist Pro V1 as we know it. Which means…Titleist has been scrambling to find the “Pro V2”. And when you have been the golf ball leader for the last ummm….267 years or so I am sure you can understand why.

titleist 2009 patent

Titleist says this ball will produce

“a substantial reduction in drag”

The Next Golf Ball Rockstar

But…we had heard recently from a couple decent sources that all that scrambling had not led to much…we heard Titleist was actually having troubles finding the next golf ball rockstar. Understandably so, the Pro V1 created some tough shoes to fill when you think about it…that ball changed the way people looked at the dimpled creature forever. For the first time since it first got its dimples…golfers started looking at the ball as as a source for extra yardage off the tee.

New Golf Ball Patent From Titleist

But today our friend over at either has proved our sources wrong or that Titleist did a great job of holding this patent close to the vest. Want to read the entire contents of the patent.

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