Over 165 Entries – 1 Tough Decision

A couple weeks ago we put the MyGolfSpy readers on a mission to design “The Future of Bad Golf”.  The mission was simple design the best-worst t-shirt design possible for the guys at BogeyPro Golf.

We were looking for concepts (slogans, headlines, thoughts on illustrations) or even an inspirational piece from Donald Ross.  And you guys definitely came through!  With over 165 entries the guys at BogeyPro Golf had there hands full in making a decision.   So thank you fellas for making this a success…you came through once again.

Unfortunately there was only 1 winner but even if you didn’t win the contest go over to BogeyPro Golf and check out all the hilarious gear & gadgets they have…they make for some seriously kick-ass gifts.  And for entering the contest you all get 15% OFF you purchases by using the code MYGOLFSPY at checkout.

The Winner Gets!

The winner will pick up:

  1. BogeyPro Buckcap – It’s ugly, it’s nasty and it’s the most comfortable bucket cap you’ve ever worn.
  2. BogeyPro Covert Cooler – Hides 9 beers in most any golf bag. To the untrained eye it looks like a SHOE BAG. Well not really.
  3. BogeyPro Golf Ball Set – Zero Distance, Poor Spin & No Control. Okay, so they’re really top quality balls. They just come in honest packaging.
  4. BogeyPro Sip Sleeve Can Cooler – Printed with something quippy about golf and unlike those “other guys” can coolers, they actually fit in golf cart cup holders!
  5. BogeyPro Country Club Bumper Stick – Tell the world you’ve “arrived” with this status symbol.
  6. BogeyPro Barware – Set of 4 honest-to-goodness golfin’ & drinkin’ beer pints.

And The Winner Is……..

This guy surely earned this prize.  He had more entries then anyone else and came up with some great ideas not only for t-shirt but for some pretty clever bumper stickers as well.  So congrats to Farve The Looper…the guys over at BogeyPro Golf chose your entry as the winner!  You should be seeing your own design on a BogeyPro t-shirt real soon…how cool is that!  We will be looking for those as soon as they become available.

New BogeyPro T-Shirt – Thanks To Farve The Looper

Pre-Swing Thoughts:
– 183 to the pin over water
– Wind off the left
– Extra ball in right pocket