The Holy-Grail of Putter Collectibles

Ping putters have become what baseball cards are are to millions of kids and adults all across the country. A true collectible. On any given weekend you can find the collector’s driving from yard sale to yard sale in search of one of the many holy-grails that exist in the Ping Putter Collector’s world

Ping Putter Collector’s Guide (by: Lumpy)

Only problem is that finding a Ping Putter Guide to tell you anything about the putter you just bought for $1.50 our your neighbor is sometimes a harder find then the actual putter itself. So when an MGS reader sent us this copy of a Ping Putter Collector’s Manual from a popular putter forum called we felt like we had to share it with the rest of you guys.  If you are a putter collector you most likely have already heard of the site but if not go check it out.  They have some great info about almost every putter maker both big and small.

From what we know…the writer of the book goes by the name Lumpy, and here is a quote from Lumpy about the Ping Putter Guide that he has put together:

“I am finally ready to post my book on Ping putters that I started putting together a few years ago after years & years of collecting & searching for info.

I spent many years working on putting the pieces together for this book. I have never desired to nor will ever desire to make this book available for sale. It contains original ads & a few photos that were provided to me by other collectors/sources for the book. Most of the photos in the book were taken by me of items that passed through me to other collectors or pieces I owned at one time or another. I have no desire profiting from someone else’s work & really feel as if I have no right to.

I think putting my reference guide on this website for everyone to have free access to would – for me – complete a long journey that I have spent helping others find out facts about the early Ping putters.”


Save It…Print It…Pass It On

This document is in the form of a PDF…so you can save it to your computer and read it whenever you like or you can print it off and make your own book out of the PDF to put on the shelf in your office or shop.  And if you know someone else you think might like the info make sure to send them a link to the Ping Putter Guide.  And oh yeah…go tell Lumpy thanks over at if you get a chance. Below is a example of one of the PDF’s printed out, you can click on the book or the link below it to download the Ping Putter Guide.

ping putter classic guide

Click Here: To Download The Ping Collector’s Manual