Fresh on the heels of the introduction of the adidas Samba Golf line, the Brand with Three Stripes is paying homage to its roots with the release of a new limited-edition Samba OG golf shoe.

The iconic white-and-black colorway was first featured in 1950 on the OG adidas Samba, a shoe which has been a streetwear staple and soccer stalwart ever since. That same nostalgic look has been carried over to adidas’s newest golf shoe with a modern twist and updated materials.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the limited-edition Samba OG Golf shoe ready for your next round.

From the Pitch to the Fairway

adidas Samba Golf OG

The OG Samba was designed as a soccer shoe for icy and firm conditions. More recently, however, the Samba has been seen a fashion piece, “function” being very much thrown to the wayside. With the introduction of the Samba OG Golf, adidas revived and retooled Samba in a way that brought performance to the forefront while maintaining its legendary roots.

At first glance, the Samba OG Golf shoe looks eerily similar to its casual counterpart. Upon closer inspection, it’s clear that adidas put a good amount of thought and effort into making the shoe suitable for the golf course. Take, for example, the upper. Where the OG Samba featured leather and suede, the Samba OG Golf is laden with recycled materials and synthetic leather. This small change provides better waterproofing and is better for the environment.

What about the outsole? Admittedly the one big giveaway that the Samba OG Golf is indeed a golf shoe is the outsole. The adiwear spikeless outsole was made to mimic the OG Samba’s suction cup-style traction pattern, with additional rubber lugs for added traction and grip.

The Rundown

  • The adidas Samba OG Golf shoe will be released in mid-November. The official U.S. release date is yet to be determined.
  • Availability at select locations outside of the US will start on Oct. 27.

The Tech

Close up of the adidas Samba OG Golf shoes.

The adidas Samba OG Golf shoe is about as barebones a golf shoe as you’ll find and that’s exactly how adidas intended it to be. Outside of the upgraded outsole, the beefier EVA-cushioned midsole and the waterproof upper, the shoe is still a Samba through and through.

For Whom is the adidas Samba OG Golf?

I can’t, and won’t, speak to the performance of the Samba OG Golf. However, I can say this: the shoe falls into the category of fashion first, performance second. Surely adidas has made enough upgrades to warrant the shoe receiving a golf delineation but the Samba OG Golf is more suited to the casual weekend warrior. Just as you won’t see any high-profile footballers wearing the OG Samba on the pitch, you’re unlikely to see any professional golfers wearing the golf variant.

Calling all FootGolfers

Could this be the perfect FootGolf shoe? No kidding, the adidas Samba OG Golf is sure to strike a chord for those who fell in love with the clean, classic look of the Samba way back when.

Are you a fan of this silhouette? Are you willing to look past the potential performance loss in favor of nostalgia? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Drop me a line below and be sure to preface your comment by stating whether you’ve ever owned an OG pair of the adidas Samba.


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