Teeless Driver

There’s a plethora of golf infomercials. Is the Teeless Golf Driver the one that actually helps golfers?

Let’s see what our testing proves. Read before you buy.

Teeless Driver – Who is it for?


Every infomercial golf product claims it can help golfers. Teeless is no different. It targets golfers who struggle with fairway woods and swing below 100 mph.

Despite being 13 degrees of loft, the Teeless Driver is designed to limit fat or chunky shots and essentially be a better option versus your current 3-wood or driver. Hitting the ball higher is the goal, especially from tight lies. Many higher-handicap golfers struggle with this.

In terms of where you can use the Teeless, it is more of a “where can you not use it?” Off the tee box, fairway, rough sand or even out of a divot, it is supposed to be forgiving and easy to hit.

Testing Parameters

We wanted to see if the newest Teeless Driver can live up to the standard set by the original, which we have tested in the past.

Our testing parameters for this are different than our general, Most Wanted Tests. For this test, we wanted to put this product through two real world scenarios or playing conditions. After all, the Teeless Driver is promoted to be hit from various types of lies. Shots were hit from a bunker and the turf. Each shot was assigned a pass, fail or neutral rating from each corresponding tester.

  • Pass – Distance, Launch, and Direction met the approval of the tester.
  • Neutral – As the name suggests, a neutral shot outcome. Simply put, testers would not want to re-hit the shot.
  • Fail – Distance, Launch, and Direction did not meet testers’ approval.

Testers hit their current gamer 3-wood and the Teeless Driver. Ten testers with swing speeds ranging from 80 to 95 mph each hit 10 shots with each club from all conditions.

Teeless Driver Lab Results

  • Gamer – 63% of shots receive a passing grade
  • Teeless – 49% of shots receive a passing grade

One of Teeless’s claims is hitting from various lies and getting the ball in the air. According to our data, shot outcomes out of the bunker did not confirm that.

  • Gamer – 71% of shots receive a passing grade
  • Teeless – 62% of shots receive a passing grade

Hitting off turf is challenging with a fairway wood or metalwood, let alone a driver. This is where the design of the Teeless shines. The likelihood of a fat shot is low.

Is Newer Better?

What differences are there between the first generation of the Teeless and the newest version? The newest addition’s face is made of maraging steel (aka “spring steel”). The purpose is simple: higher ball speeds. Faster ball speed is arguably the one thing the original Teeless Driver lacked.

Statistically, the Teeless Driver didn’t live up to the standards set by its predecessor, especially out of a bunker. It brings forth the reality that newer is not necessarily better. A few testers still game the original Teeless Driver as their fairway wood.

Seeing the two versions side by side was eye-opening.

Teeless Driver – A Closer Look

  • The newest version of the Teeless driver does not launch the ball higher than its predecessor. The ball flight on the current Teeless is much more penetrating and piercing versus the ballooning flight of the original. Now, there are individuals who like this performance or may benefit from this type of shot outcome.
  • There is a “right” bias for the new Teeless Driver. Our testing pool’s misses were predominantly to the right or “fading” for right-handers.
  • The forgiveness and design of the Teeless Driver is legitimate. One of the biggest issues with fairway woods is consistency off the turf or out of the bunker. If you struggle with heavy or fat shots with a fairway wood, Teeless might be your remedy.

Teeless Driver – Is It For You?

Look, this is a niche product. A beginner golfer or high-handicap golfer might benefit.

Its predecessor certainly has our backing. But this new iteration is lacking bona-fide improvements.

For a beginner golfer, the Teeless Driver might be worth a spot in your golf bag. You can use it as a driver or a fairway wood. Shoot, it can free up a spot in your bag since it can literally be your driver AND fairway wood.

If you are a higher handicap golfer and your tendency is to hit it high with lots of spin, the Teeless might be a great option for you. We saw it produce a lower trajectory which might benefit your game.

However, if there is a choice between this new version and the old one, the old one shouldn’t be leaving your bag.

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