Plans are in the works for the 2021 Most Wanted Golf Ball Test.

Our 2019 golf ball test had a massive impact on the industry and how golfers think about golf ball performance (and consistency). Countless golfers have asked us to do another one, and while COVID set plans back a bit, we’re to do it again.

Next month we’ll be spending a full week with the robot testing the most popular tour balls on the market today. Paired with our Ball Lab data, we should be able to provide plenty of insight to help you find the best ball for your game.

What ONE thing do you want to see us test that would help your game the most?

The testing schedule is jam-packed, but as we finalize the details of our 2021 golf ball test, we want your input.

What would you like to see us test?

Leave your questions and testing ideas in the comments below.

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