• PXG adds three new putters to their Battle Ready line.
  • All three feature fully milled construction and multiple neck options.
  • Available now at PXG.com with an MSRP of $325.

PXG has unveiled some new putter ordnance just in time for the 4th of July weekend. Their already expansive Battle Ready putter line grew by three models today. First, we have the Dagger+, an updated version of a classic PXG putter design. The next two, the Hercules and the Raptor, are brand-new mallet designs.

All feature the expected PXG Battle Ready tech and the signature blacked-out aesthetics.

Let’s look at how these fit into the Battle Ready battalion.


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“These new Battle Ready Putters are a triple threat—fully optimized for killer stability, forgiveness and consistency.” PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons.

PXG Battle Ready Dagger+

A modern take on a time-honored design, the Dagger+ putter is a blade-style putter named after a small, sword-like military weapon. Initially introduced in PXG’s earliest putter lineup, the Dagger+ putter has been remastered to deliver complete control in two fixed-hosel options: heel and center shafted.

Those of you who bemoan the broad definition of a “blade” putter these days should find no offense calling the Dagger+ a blade. This narrow flatstick embodies the spirit of a blade and may even prove dangerous if sharpened. The Dagger design has been with PXG’s putter line since the beginning.

The Dagger+ builds off the elements of the previous Daggers and is enhanced with PXG’s Battle Ready technologies. The Dagger+ and the other new putters have the roll-improving Pyramid Face Pattern, the multi-material (tungsten and stainless steel) construction and consumer-adjustable sole weights. As a reminder, the Battle Ready sole weights aren’t the tiny screw weights from the early days of PXG. Instead, these are larger weights that make it easy to adjust at home.

(Fun Fact: I recently scratched the bottom of a new Cameron Phantom X putter trying to remove the “removable” weight.)

The other feature of the Dagger+ that will be welcomed by the vocal minority is the center-shaft neck option. Neck options are a core part of the Battle Ready putter lines, allowing customers to get what they want/need in terms of toe hang and looks.

PXG Battle Ready Hercules

The Hercules putter is a mid-mallet option named for the military transport aircraft. Lighter than the Raptor putter, it presents two tungsten inserts and two adjustable sole weights for enhanced stability and customization. Its long flange sightline with soft ballasts frame the golf ball for intuitive alignment.

With the Hercules, I had to re-read that release info a few times. It seemed odd that the putter named Hercules would be a mid-mallet rather than something beefy. A Clydesdale, it is not. Regardless, the Hercules is a new mallet design from PXG and a bit of a departure from the other mallets in the line. While most PXG Battle Ready putters feature four adjustable weights, the Hercules has only two. For this putter, the tungsten content has increased, providing a more permanent MOI signature.

From the top, the Hercules reminds me of the PING Oslo. Like the Oslo, the Hercules features large sloping bumpers at the edges, making the overall appearance seem almost concave. The extensive sightline down the center should be all you need to get the ball on target. If you need a bolder targeting system, check out PXG’s 0211 putter line. Another option is to check out the other new Battle Ready mallet, the Raptor.

PXG Battle Ready Raptor

The Raptor putter’s prominent sightline stripes allow easy alignment, while four adjustable sole weights support head weight and bias adjustability. This mallet-style putter also features a rear tungsten insert, allocating mass deep in the clubhead to optimize the center of gravity (CG) and deliver outstanding stroke stability.

From the bottom, the Raptor could be almost any mallet putter in the PXG stable. As with the other Battle Ready putter soles, you’ll see four weights, tungsten and the 26 skull insignia referencing Bob Parsons’ service with the 26th Marine Corps Regiment during the Vietnam War. When you flip the Raptor over, though, you’ll quickly see that it is not like its Battle Ready brethren at all.

At address, the PXG Battle Ready Raptor will help you aim your putt. How could it not? Look at those delightfully huge sightlines. The only thing that could make this alignment scheme more overt is a built-in laser.

Moving past the giant lines, which is admittedly not easy, allows one to explore the interesting body lines of this putter. I get lots of putter vibes from this one. Initially, I saw PING Ketsch but then noticed a bit of old-school Odyssey 2-Ball body. Next, I added a dash of Evnroll ER11V and a pinch of TaylorMade Spider GT Rollback.

Seeing putters inside putters is just something I do, though. Perhaps I would have named this one Rorschach rather than Raptor. Regardless, I find the amalgamation attractive and somehow unique despite perceived similarities. It’s on my must-roll list for sure.

Expanded Grip Options

One addition to the Battle Ready line that I appreciate is the increase in grip options. PXG SuperStroke grips now are on the menu. They will set you back an additional $25. I think that’s a reasonable upgrade charge, especially if you putt better with one of the SuperStrokes than one of the two Sink Fit options.

PXG Battle Ready Putters: The Most Diverse Putter Line in Golf?

The PXG Battle Ready putter line is one of the most diverse lines of putters in the marketplace today. The company’s five blade and seven mallet head count places them in direct competition with the big companies like Odyssey and Scotty Cameron.

Should you include the neck options in the count, PXG provides more stock options than any other company. OK, maybe I’m stretching it a bit, calling a custom-ordered online putter a stock putter. I’m comfortable calling them stock because all neck options cost the same. You pick the neck you want and it is still $325, a solid price for a fully milled putter.

Get a plumber’s neck on your Hercules if that’s what you want. PXG can do that for you without an upcharge. That’s not how it works for other putter companies. If you want a plumber’s neck on your Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5, you had better be Justin Thomas. Anyway, which of the putters can you see separating you from your wages? I’m leaning toward the Raptor.

Let’s not forget the PXG Battle Ready putter line earned some scoreboard cred this year. The Battle Ready Bat Attack was the 2022 Most Wanted Mallet putter.

Find out more at PXG.com (baby)!

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