Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters
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Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters

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Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters
  • Scotty Cameron unveils his new Super Select milled putter line.
  • The new line features new Dual-Milled faces, Plus models and the return of both Golo and Del Mar models.
  • The first batch hits stores on March 17 with the second batch coming May 19 (MSRP: $449).

Milled metal maestro Scotty Cameron has unleashed his 2023 creations: the Scotty Cameron Super Select putter line. Yes, Cameron fans, Mr. Cameron’s Special Select putters are no longer “Special.” Now they are Super!

What does that mean? What does any of it mean, really? Why are we here? If fingers are so great, why do we only have 10 of them? Do we really need three different versions of the word to/too/two? Do you really get to make a wish if you can lick your elbow? Why do we get so excited about rolling a ball at a hole with a stick?

Sorry. Lost focus there for a moment. Let’s get back to these new putters and a question I can actually answer.


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What makes the Scotty Cameron Super Select putters “super”?

So how did these putters become “super”? Valid question. Was it the proximity of a yellow sun? Gamma ray exposure? Perhaps a special mutated gene? To make the the Select become Super Select, do you charge it in a big green lamp? After you charge it, do you become Ryan Reynolds?

Fine, I’ll really try and focus on the putters this time. The “super” in Super Select is based upon a few new production features, most of which are not super obvious to the casual observer.

New Dual-Milled face milling

Putter face milling is an interesting design rabbit hole. As it turns out, there are lots of ways to mill a putter face. Most people won’t notice variations in faces unless there is something obvious, like grooves, milled in the face. However, we putter freaks know the only constant with the term “milled face” is the fact that a machine cut metal off the face and left marks behind. Be it fly-milled, deep-milled or Tuna Milled, the size, number and depth of the milling marks are there for a reason. Yes, there can also be no marks at all.

So what is the story with the Super Select’s new Dual-Milled face? As you could guess from the name, it is a two-step milling process. First, the putters are deep-milled, removing an aggressive amount of face material. This deep milling softens the feel at impact. Next, the putters receive a shallow pass across the face, knocking off the high points to make the face super flat.

According to Scotty, this gives the Super Select the “most consistent face to date.” That’s a big statement considering how many Scotty Cameron milled putter faces are out there.

“Plus” Head Shapes

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Scotty Cameron Super Select line is that it includes three plus-sized models. You may remember the limited-edition plus models that rolled out last year. I was super interested in trying one out but, like the rest of you, getting a limited-edition Cameron in hand is nigh impossible.

The plus models live in the tweener-size space: larger than the traditional blade but smaller than the “large” blade like the new Squareback 2. When shopping, remember that “plus” means “middle sized.” I can’t wait to see these in the shop. Will the plus truly sit in the middle of the size spectrum or will it look like a large Newport/small Squareback. The Super Select Newport 2.5 Plus looks especially enticing.

New Performance Weighting

The redesigned weighting scheme is the easy-to-miss feature in the new line. At first glance, you could easily conclude that these putters have the same weight plan as previous Scotty Cameron Select putters. You’ve seen sole weights and plates before. You know they help push the relative weight to the edges of the putter. Everything looks as per usual.

Changes are there, though. Check the cavity dots. They are larger and paint-free. Both changes make the center of the putter lighter and the edges heavier. This will boost MOI. By how much? I’m thinking not much. One could argue that incremental gains are still gains but I’ll need noticeable gains to swap a previous model for the new one.

One other interesting change is that the Super Select blades no longer feature the tri-sole found in the previous Special Select models. The Cameron marketing materials for the line don’t even mention this change but it is the thing that I personally applaud as the Tri-sole and I are typically incompatible.

I-Beam Hosel

Also new with the Super Select line is the “new” I-Beam hosel. This hosel has a groove milled into it, adding some aesthetic interest and removing some weight from that part of the putter as well. Evnroll has a similar design scheme in their new putter necks.

Though not mentioned, perhaps Scotty included this new feature as a homage to master putter maker Byron Morgan who passed away about a year ago. Morgan’s Hi-Beam hosel was very similar. You can check out some photos of a Byron Hi-Beam Bombora longneck in the mygolfspy forum.

Neck Naming Nonsense...

Can we chat about neck names for a bit? Putter neck naming consistency has flown out the window. These days, every company has their own name for the common neck designs. Companies have taken artistic license with neck names, creating a murky purchasing process for the consumer.

Scotty calls the neck on the new Newport a “plumbing neck”. That gave me pause as I have always called that neck a "Plumber’s" neck. I asked around since maybe I had the name wrong. Other people I asked called it a Pumber or Plumbers neck. Evnroll calls it a Plumber (no s). Bettinardi says it is a Plumbers (no apostrophe). TaylorMade says it is a L-neck hosel. PING says it's an "Anser-style" hosel, naturally.

Odyssey uses multiple names, calling their version of the neck a “crank neck”, H1 hosel, and L-Neck. FFS Odyssey.

It's not just the Plumber's neck either. The chaos continues when we look at other hosel types as well. Is that small sloping hosel a slant, flow, jet, H4.5, H7, or H5 neck? Can the putter companies please get a Discord group set up and come to a naming consensus?

We consumers would appreciate it.

Enough of the specs and necks. Let’s check out the new models. I’ve included Scotty’s description of each model.

Scotty Cameron Super Select First Batch: Releasing March 17, 2023

Super Select Newport

Precision milled from 303 stainless steel, this blade includes a new I-beam plumbing neck, the Newport’s distinctive rounded features and a dual-milled face texture. With adjustable performance sole weights milled from raw tungsten, this putter has a solid face and a misted stainless steel finish.

Super Select Newport Plus

Crafted slightly wider than a standard blade, this rounded solid stainless steel model presents a new size in high-performance putter design that integrates proven multi-material methodology with a 6061 aluminum sole plate, solid 303 stainless steel face and stainless steel sole weights.

Super Select Newport 2:

The line’s flagship model with its crisp, mechanical shape is milled from 303 stainless steel with a solid face, customizable tungsten sole weights, a tri-sole design, the tour-inspired new I-beam plumbing neck and dual-milled face technology. A left-handed model is also available.

Super Select Newport 2 Plus

With a slightly wider flange than the Newport 2, the Newport 2 Plus incorporates a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate with a precision milled solid stainless steel face and customizable stainless steel sole weights for a new shape with increased MOI.

Super Select Newport 2.5 Plus

With its MOI-enhancing wider face-to-flange shape, the Super Select Newport 2.5 Plus incorporates dual-milled face technology, a new sculpted I-beam-style jet neck and a solid milled stainless steel face with a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate and customizable stainless steel sole weights. A left-handed model is also available.

Super Select Squareback 2

The Super Select Squareback 2 is a wider-bodied, angular mid-mallet with higher MOI, a solid milled putter face and an integrated 6061 aluminum sole plate with stainless steel sole weights, a refined I-beam plumbing neck and dual-milled face technology.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Second Batch: Releasing May 17, 2023

Super Select GOLO 6.5

The Super Select GOLO 6.5 has a small I-beam jet neck and is precision milled from 303 stainless steel with a solid face and an integrated 6061 aircraft aluminum sole plate. It includes the line’s dual-milled face technology and adjustable performance weighting with stainless steel sole weights. A left-handed Super Select GOLO 6.5 is also available.

Super Select GOLO 6

The GOLO returns in a new size as the Super Select GOLO 6, a rounded compact mallet precision milled from 303 stainless steel sized in between the previous GOLO 5 and 7 models. With a mid-bend shaft and an integrated sole plate machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum, the GOLO 6 includes the line’s new dual-milled face technology and stainless steel sole weights.

Super Select Fastback 1.5

With a new precision sculpted I-beam jet neck—as well as the line’s new dual-milled face technology—the Super Select Fastback 1.5 is a mid-mallet with a solid milled putter face integrated with an engineered 6061 aluminum sole plate and stainless steel sole weights.

Super Select Del Mar

The new Super Select Del Mar is a heel-shafted compact mallet with a flow neck precision milled from solid 303 stainless steel that includes dual-milled face technology and customizable stainless steel sole weights. It is also available in a left-handed configuration.

Scotty Cameron Super Select putter line

So what do you think? Seriously, I have questions. Are you excited about any of the new models? I’m looking forward to the plus models in the first batch and then to nearly all models in the second batch.

Which begs the question: Why isn’t Scotty Cameron releasing these all at once? Why did HBO Max feel the need to split the current seasons of Titans and Doom Patrol into two releases? I don’t have answers, unfortunately. My guess is that it is either a marketing or a milling issue. Maybe all of them at once would be too many putters for Cameron’s machining infrastructure to produce.

Final question: Are those of you gaming a Special Select putter going to make the transition to a Super Select model? Why or why not? Do you see enough here to swap your Special Newport for a Super Newport or will you wait for the next release cycle?

See all the models and find out more at Scotty

Dave Wolfe

Dave Wolfe

Dave Wolfe

A putter-obsessed recreational golfer, constantly striving to improve his game while not getting too hung up about it. Golf should be fun, always.

Dave Wolfe

Dave Wolfe

Dave Wolfe

Dave Wolfe

Dave Wolfe

Dave Wolfe

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      2 months ago

      IMO the aesthetic changes are virtually unnoticeable. So without any data proving *how much* any of these small changes actually improve performance/consistency/forgiveness compared to the 2020 Special Select series, I see no reason to upgrade my gamer (2020 Special Select Newport 2). And my intuition says these changes won’t be noticeable or deliver measurable results to anyone who doesn’t play on Sunday at the Masters.


      Enrique Bullejos

      4 months ago

      El pasado verano compré un putter de titleist, y aunque cueste trabajo creerlo por el precio que tiene, el puño estaba mal montado, ya que el putter apuntaba a la izquierda.



      4 months ago

      Don’t forget the “Knuckle Neck” thing Scotty was doing, too!

      Thanks for the writeup!


      Mark R

      4 months ago

      Add Super to the name, increase price by $100.

      And of course people will buy them…and these same people won’t sink any more putts.

      When I see a golf opponent with a new Super Scotty in his bag, I’m immediately doubling my wager with the guy.



      4 months ago

      It looks like just sales hype with nothing earth shattering in the design. Show me something really new.



      4 months ago

      Still very few models for lefthanded. Which is strange since Titleist is one of the better brands for LH. I wish Scotty coulds come a little closer to PXG with his offerings in LH.



      4 months ago

      Zero tour players will be using one of these model.s.. don’t even think they look that good



      4 months ago

      What’s next? “Super Duper”?



      4 months ago

      Have the older, carbon steel Newport Select, made of carbon steel; prefer it to the new materials now being used, imo better feel…



      4 months ago

      A bit disappointed in the new Super Select line. Of course I’ll probably buy one. I tend to every year. I saw a pic on Instagram several weeks ago with a Scotty bag with putters all around that looked to be at a tour event. I noticed several blade models in a black finish. I was hoping that since it’s been 10 years since the black Select line that this was the year. Nope. I was also hoping for a 2.6, Nope. I do like the look of the plus models. How sick would it be if they came out with a 2.6 plus in a black finish. Some of us like a center shaft blade. Maybe in two years. Maybe a plumber’s neck Futura for next year.



      4 months ago

      They are pretty but as far as updates go, YAWN.


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