There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as advertised.


Lamkin UTx Golf Grip – A one-of-a-kind, full-cord grip with a tacky feel.



Phillip Bishop. Most of the time, I have a grip on Most Wanted Testing. However, today, I have a dance with Lamkin’s Tri-Layer Technology.


Since 1925, Lamkin has been a leader in golf grip manufacturing. Elver Lamkin began the process in his garage. Eventually, the company touted a 60-year relationship with Arnold Palmer. Today, Lamkin has a budding relationship with Tony Finau. His recent success gave Lamkin the opportunity to showcase one of its top sellers, the Lamkin UTx.


The UTx features Lamkin’s Tri-Layer Technology.

  • The outer layer is firmer and is derived from ACE (a super-tacky and vibration-dampening material). Lamkin introduced ACE in 2014 when the first generation of UTx came out. ACE technology allows for additional torsion control with the current Lamkin UTx.
  • The second layer is a full-cord fabric weave. This provides more grip traction and also assists with moisture wicking.
  • Finally, the most inner layer contains softer ACE technology. Due to the cord nature of the grip, this layer’s goal is to enhance comfort and feel.
  • One of the key outcomes of Tri-Layer Technology is that it helps Lamkin UTx to be an all-weather grip.

Tacky golf grip


I discovered Lamkin UTx in 2014 and immediately installed them. For years, I had played with “old reliable”—Tour Velvets. One outing with UTx changed my mind. I loved the the firmness of the cord weave but it also offered subtle tackiness, which is extremely appealing to me. So, I gamed them … in blue. I’ve played Lamkin grips ever since.

Fast forward to 2022. This current UTx model comes strictly in grey. While I like the grey, I wish there were more color options (black, blue and red were options back in the day).

Have supply chain issues and lack of material caused this? I don’t know but I’d wager it has a role. Or, perhaps, internal surveys concluded grey is the desired color. Either way, additional color options would be stellar.

firm grips


Since I have previous experience with Lamkin UTx, the biggest question for me was: “How will these compare to the previous UTx grips?” After all, I’ll play in just about any weather. Furthermore, I play without a glove and, yes, I took our data to heart.

Here in Virginia, our summer weather is brutal—hot and humid along with occasional afternoon rain showers. On the bright side, these are excellent conditions to test out the “all-weather” nature of the Lamkin UTx. I don’t sweat too much (unlike Harry) but the summer heat definitely adds moisture to the equation when I decide to play without a glove. So I was excited to put the UTx to the test.


Lamkin UTx has cord weaved into the grip. Cord grips tend to have a firm, rough feel which does not suit a lot of golfers. However, the Tri-Layer Technology provides a true tacky feel. The cord weave combined with ACE technology enhances the overall feel—soft to the touch but firm enough to give feedback and good grip to the palms and fingers. For me, these grips offer a tremendous hybrid of tack and cord.

best weather golf grips


The first layer in the UTx is designed and implemented to dampen vibration. Without hitting thousands of shots, I believe there is noticeable vibration dampening with these grips. Do I have data to back that up? No. However, having hit enough shots with them, especially with my driver and three wedges, I didn’t notice much vibration.


Remember how I confessed not playing with a glove? Well, I put UTx to the test and opted to hit all my shots without a glove. For me, the texture of the grip is appealing. In warm, sweaty conditions, I felt in control of the grip with the cord weaving adding enough texture to feel secure.


This grip isn’t for everyone. I doubt golfers with arthritis or those who sweat profusely will not find this grip appealing. Furthermore, due to the cord nature, it is highly possible the grip will lessen the durability of your golf glove.

However, in my book, Lamkin UTx is worth the try. The combination of cord and tackiness allows it to be used without a glove. In damp conditions, it offers enough texture and grip to feel secure, with or without a glove.

If you haven’t experienced this grip, check it out. In my opinion, it should appeal any golfer who loves cord grips that are tacky. Lamkin UTx combines the best of both worlds.

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