Flex on them, FootJoy!

This week the self-proclaimed “No. 1 shoe in golf” introduced the redesigned, retooled HyperFlex and HyperFlex Carbon. Surely you’re no stranger to the Hyperflex line of spiked golf shoes but this year is different. Behind the new sleek, sexy look, FootJoy has some bold claims to live up to.

With the release of the HypefFlex and HyperFlex Carbon golf shoes, FootJoy promises hyper power, hyper control and hyper fit for men and women. Let’s dive straight into the technology behind the shoe and how it can possibly benefit your game.

FootJoy HyperFlex and HyperFlex Carbon Release Details

  • Available now
  • Laced and BOA available in both models
  • HyperFlex Carbon available for men only; HyperFlex available for men and women
  • Retail for the standard laced pair is $175 and $220 for the HyperFlex and Hyperflex Carbon, respectively.
  • The BOA variants of each model come with an upcharge with the HyperFlex BOA retailing for $210 and the HyperFlex Carbon BOA for $250.

What’s with the Carbon?

The biggest difference between the two HyperFlex models is the addition of a carbon fiber shank plate on the HyperFlex Carbon. But, for $45 more than the standard variant, it’s important to understand the purpose of the added carbon fiber. After all, you need to be sure you’re getting what you pay for—that FootJoy delivers what they promise.

The molded carbon fiber “power plate” should make the HyperFlex Carbon more stable, thanks to added rigidity in the midsection of the foot bed. Carbon fiber plates aren’t new to footwear (distance running shoes take advantage of the same stiffening and energy return properties) but they are still fairly new to golf shoes. The HyperFlex Carbon is undoubtedly not the first shoe to feature this technology and it surely won’t be the last. However, this is the first time FootJoy has outfitted the popular HyperFlex with carbon fiber.

Worried about that comfort compromise? FootJoy also added additional cushion to the foot bed to counteract the slightly stiffer feel that the carbon fiber provides.

Saddle Up!

Another change FootJoy made to this year’s HyperFlex lineup is in what they call the Saddle Strap. You’ll notice that the Saddle Strap is larger than previous pairs and is attached to the heel counter rather than as a stand-alone piece. Similar to the addition of carbon fiber, the redesigned Saddle Strap should provide more stability, especially on the lateral side of the midfoot section. Because the strap wraps to the medial side, you’ll have some extra support there, too.

The Saddle Strap is integrated as part of the lacing system to wrap your foot when choking down on the laces. All of this is to say that the FootJoy HyperFlex should fit like a glove.

Comfort is King

Stability is good, sure … but if a golf shoe isn’t comfortable? Forget about it. The FootJoy HyperFlex lineup relies on the brand’s proprietary StratoFoam for underfoot comfort.

StratoFoam was developed specifically for golf  to absorb and return the maximum amount of energy. As with any cushion designated to maximize energy return, the foam is slightly on the firmer side.

Last year’s HyperFlex BOA took the crown as the most comfortable spiked shoe of 2022.   Can the new HyperFlex match that same energy? Time will tell.

Anything Else?

  • The HyperFlex family of golf shoes features FootJoy’s OptiFlex outsole that’s been bolstered by six traction cleats. The OptiFlex outsole was designed with flex (or relief) points that move with your foot as you walk. This makes walking not only feel more natural but comfortable as well.
  • The waterproof performance knit upper will keep your feet dry in any condition.
  • Ortholite Impressions Footbed molds to your foot over time for a one-to-one fit.

Available Now

The all-new HyperFlex lineup from FootJoy undoubtedly looks better than in previous years—but how does it perform? Stay tuned for our upcoming Buyer’s Guide for the Best Spiked Golf Shoes of 2023.

The technology is there and the claims are bold. Can the HyperFlex and HyperFlex Carbon golf shoes live up to to the hype? You’ll be the first to know.

Can’t wait to see the results of our test? You can pick up the brand-new HyperFlex family of golf shoes right now.

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